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       We provide services for commercial        and residential customers, as well
       as for large, multi-site national
       corporations in the following areas:

  • Surveilance & Security
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Renewable Enargy
  • Civil Operations
  • ISP(Broadband Network Service)
  • Web Development and Design


    Kenax Engineering Services Limited is a Connecticut-based Information Technology Systems company. We offer cable system design, installation, and integration services over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies, encompassing optical fiber, copper, and wireless based distribution systems. Installations are based on ANSI/TIA/EIA and BICSI standards-compliant designs and are delivered with the industry's best installation practices and highest quality craftsmanship by fully licensed and trained installation teams. We offer:

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Campus Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cabling
    Complete Fiber Optic cabling services include:
  • Inter-Building and Intra-Building Campus Installations
  • Backbone Fiber
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
  • Service Restoration
  • Fiber Optic System Certifications and Commissioning

  • Network Setup & Configuration – Wi-Fi
    We offer networking services for home and business. Whether you need a simple network for your home to share printers and Internet access or a robust, fault- tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help. Wire and Wireless or WiFi Networking are becoming a more import part of people's lives. Business Networking or Home Networking, our expertise is second to none. Below is a sampling of the networking hardware that we carry.
  • Broadband wire and wireless setup
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • Router setup and configurationg
  • Internet Security setup
  • Computers and printer sharing
  • Internet Cafe setup
  • Hubs & Switches
  • Network Cabling
  • Network Security Testing
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Network Cables
  • Network Cards/Adapters
  • Access Points/Routers/Switches

  • Effective communications between employees, customers and suppliers is essential to business success. Kenax Engineering can transform a slow and unreliable network into a fast and effective business platform. Our experienced technical staff assist with all your questions and develop a practical IT Networking solution. Issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently to help get your infrastructure to run at peak performance.

    We provide end-to-end infrastructure from strategy and design to installation and support. Whatever industry you are in, the size of your company or the scope of your requirements, we can improve your in-house networking operations.